Boaz Sharon is a pianist, recording artist and professor of piano at Boston University as well as Director of Piano Studies at Boston University Tanglewood Institute. He is a frequent performer in the U.S., China, Russia, Czech Republic and other countries.

He was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and studied there with Emma Gorochov, and from the age of 13-19 with Stefan Askenase in Brussels, Belgium. He later pursued his piano studies in the US with William Doppmann and with Leonard Shure.

Before his present position as Chairman of the Piano Department and Professor at Boston University he was Pianist-in-Residence at Duke University, and Professor of Piano at the University of Florida. He is a frequent judge at competitions including the Rudolf Firkusny International Piano Competition, Prague, the Liszt International Piano Competition-"Dedication to Franz Liszt", Moscow and the Jaen International Piano Competition in Spain. Having directed the Prague International Piano Masterclasses for the last 13 years he is also on the artist faculty of the Ruza International Piano Festival in Russia, and was on the faculty of the International Certificate for Piano Artists (sponsored by the Ecole Normale de Musique Alfred Cortot, Paris, the University of Florida and the Bell'Arte Foundation).

He is first-prize winner and gold medalist at the Jaen International Piano Competition, Spain, and has received the Jubilee Medal from Charles University, Prague, on the 600th anniversary of that university's foundation, given for "significant contributions" to Charles University.

Sharon is Honorary Fellow at Charles University, Prague. In 2009 he was appointed Visiting Professor at the China Conservatory in Beijing.


• Claude Debussy: La boite a Jouxjoux and others, Arcobaleno Records, Brussels, CD AAOC-94502

• Charles Koechlin: Danses pour Ginger Rogers·,Arcobaleno Records, Brussels, CD AADC-94382

• The Unknown Debussy, Unicorn-Kanchana Records, London, CD DKP (CD) 9103

• Koechlin Piano Works, Orion/Naxos Records, US, CD 7804-2

• Darius Milhaud: Les charmes de la vie, Unicorn-Kanchana Records, London, CD DKP (CD) 9155

• Songs of Andre Caplet (with Claudette LeBlanc, soprano), Unicorn-Kanchana Records , London, CD DKP (CD)9142

• Le Cortege d'Amphitrite: Songs by Charles Koechlin, Hyperion Records, London, CDA66243

• Piano Works by Charles Koechlin, Nonesuch/Elektra.Asylum Records, N.Y. (LP)


"Sharon's recording, which is far more varied in its repertory than the Angel offering is most convincing in arguing that Koechlin's dreams are worth paying more attention too. ... Pedalling which allows the phrases to become fluid and fluent; and throughout, a clarity and ease that is evident in Mr. Sharon's playing. In fact, this Nonesuch recording is beautifully recorded and played."
- New York Times

"Sharon is a pianist of superb technique and keen stylistic sense. In his performances, Koechlin emerges convincingly as a composer worth more attention."
- The Washington Post

"This CD's title is the latest of the delightful scores performed here. All are superbly realized by Boaz Sharon."
- Spectator/ US

The Koechlin recording (Nonesuch/Asylum Elektra) was chosen as one of the best 11 recordings for that year.
- Newsweek

"Israeli pianist Boaz Sharon plays the complete "Saudades do Brazil", a generous helping of selection from Milhaud's score of Jean Renoir's 1993 adaptation of " Madame Bovary" and a well chosen assortment of other suites and solo pieces. Milhaud's piano music is spicy, disarmingly unprofound and full of Gallic charm, and Sharon performs it with understanding affection."
- Daily News / New York

"Pianist Boaz Sharon, a distinguished interpreter of Koechlin's piano music with fine recordings to his credit, brings out wonderful nuances, complementing Miss Leblanc's every interpretive idea with perfect understanding."
- American Record Guide

"Sharon has a magical touch with this music. He never tries to probe below the surface too much, for there is not a lot to explore at that level. Let me welcome this first solo record by the Israeli pianist Boaz Sharon whose poetic imagination, sensitive phrasing, wide dynamic range of refined colour and meticulous observation of every indication of touch and dynamics makes one eager to hear him again."
- Journal of the American Liszt Society / US

"(Sharon) captures the complex rhythms of the 12 tangos of Saudades do Brazil and the more complex polytonal voices of Les Charmes de la Vie... Their simplicity is deceptive and it takes considerable skill to achieve the lightness and clarity they require. ..This selection is just as interesting (as Billi Eidi's CD) and Sharon is a better interpreter. Both are valuable, but if what you want is a sampling of Milhaud's most charming piano music, this is the better choice."
- American Record Guide

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